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Experience something truly Delicious!

Delicious! is a fresh beauty brand from Shanghai offering you luxuriously intoxicating, seasonally inspired gourmet fresh skin care products, made from the finest all-natural ingredients selected from around the world.

Hand blended and rich in vitamins, nutrients and age-defying anti-oxidants. Stimulating to all the senses while soothing for the soul. Guaranteed to give you an invigorating energy boost and leave you totally refreshed.
Gourmet Skincare Products
Our all-natural skincare products are freshly hand-blended from the purest natural ingredients sourced from around the world – free of artificial preservatives and chemicas. Give your skin a fresh vitamin boost all month long!

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Fresh Gourmet Skincare products.
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Fresh Natural Skin Nutrition | Delicious! Food for your Skin, Shanghai
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