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What do we mean by Food for Your Skin?

As straight forward as it is, with our treatments and products you will know exactly what is going into your skin - all fresh and natural with short shelf life. All the ingredients used are pure and as as organic as possible, safe to eat. Skin reflects the overall health of our body, so it makes sense to nourish the body inside and outside. We use fruits, vegetable essences, virgin cold pressed plant oils, grains, herbs, berries and spices to nourish, protect and gently detox skin. The influx of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants directly from the source will result in supple and glowing skin and overall vitality.

As individuals we try to eat more fresh, natural and organic food. The same should be true for what we put on our skin. Fewer preservatives, additives, synthetic fragrances and colours.

Where can I go to experience Delicious!

There is no need to go anywhere - we cater direct to your doorstep (in Shanghai that is!). Service is available in your home, 5 star hotel room or serviced apartment

Why should I Detox?

Whether we want it or not, it is not easy to avoid toxins in modern, particularly urban environment. Our skin is our first point of contact with the environment. It is also the first line for defence for our immune system. We absorb toxins through the skin and they go directly to bloodstream and lymphatic system. The list of toxins we accumulate is extensive - carbon monoxide, alcohol, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, solvents, nicotine, nitrogen dioxide, x-rays, trans-fats, heavy metals, paragons, preservatives and chemicals from most of skincare products.

We will do our skin a great service, if we help it to detox by applying natural ingredients that can work their way inside and do a gentle, natural cleaning.

Fruits and vegetables with their minerals, enzymes and vitamins are natural skin detoxifiers. Sour fruits and berries with abundant vitamin C, such as oranges, kiwi, cranberries, strawberries, black current will naturally help the skin to produce collagen, while eliminating dead skin cells and regenerating new ones. There are also wonderful oils, herbs and spices that can help the skin to expel toxins.

Is this something new?

Yes and no. Food for your skin treatments with no chemicals or preservatives whatsoever is new, but some of the ingredients and methods come from forgotten past.

Natural ingredients have been the basis for skin care treatments for millennia, as they have been not so long ago for our grandmothers and and great-grandmothers - and their ancestors. As the urban world begins to seek more natural and simple ways of living, there is a growing interest in reviving the traditional techniques and natural ingredients.

What are benefits of natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are gentler on your skin then synthetic or chemical ones. People have evolved alongside the herbs and plants that surround us and have been using them for centuries. Natural ingredients’ active components penetrate the skin and serve multi purposes for cleansing, nourishing, exfoliating, stimulating the blood circulation and regenerating skin.

Are natural ingredients safe?

Our knowledge of natural ingredients: herbs, flowers, roots, berries, etc. comes from centuries of trial and error of their use in traditional medicines (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Western medicine). We are not re-inventing new plants or herbs, rather we are combining traditional wisdom with well-known, tested ingredients that have a proven track record.

We must, however, exercise extra care in any selection of herbs or essential oils during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or in certain medical conditions.

Are your ingredients organic?

All of our ingredients are all fresh, natural and chemical free.

We select ingredients (oils, plant oils, herbs, flowers, roots) solely from reputable suppliers and as much as possible certified organic sources. Our goal over time is to have the majority of our ingredients organic.

Why change menu items seasonally?

Our skin is very attuned to the changes of the season, and its needs vary seasonally. Consequently we prepare our treatments in accordance with the changing needs (temperature, humidity level, sun exposure) and with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

What are the different needs of the four seasons?

In Summer this is the season when the skin might be more dried and rough. This is a time to use the freshest fruits, which both brighten and soften sun-kissed and dry skin. Avocado, nourishing oils, calming herbs, all of these we use in our summer treatments.

In Autumn we must deal with tanned and dried out skin which may have produced fine lines. To combat this, healing oil masks, herbs such as camomile, rowan, calendula, honey, seasonal crops of pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, persimmon, pomegranate and more will do its good for returning skin to its supple and plump state.

Winter is a tough season for skin and the special care is crucial. The contrast between outside and inside temperatures is a burden for the skin. Effort should be made to preserve and increase moisture reserves and add oils with Omega 3, Omega 6 for skin. Avocado, hemp, jojoba and coconut oils, shea and cocoa butter, honey and milk - these are some recommended natural ingredients for the winter months.

In Spring the skin is overworked after winter and has used up its supply of vitamins and nutrients. This can be seen in a pale and tired complexion. To improve this, antioxidants are the must: green tea, goji berries, cocoa powder, wild rose, sea algae, ginseng. Also a strong influx of vitamin C inspired treatments, using citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits) will give your skin a necessary boost to last until summer’s new crops appear.

How often should I have skin nutrition treatment?

Once a week is ideal as part of a healthy skincare regime. Twice a month for the busy urbanite will enable you to maintain some benefits. A monthly visit will give you a relaxing energy boost to refresh you, nourish skin and contribute to sense of wellbeing.

Will I have any reaction or irritation from a treatment?

We examine your skin prior to treatment and confirm with you any possible skin or food allergies. Any ingredient that might cause an allergic reaction is then eliminated from the treatment.

As a rule, if you do not have an allergic reaction from this type of ingredient when consumed as a food, you will not have irritation from it during a skin treatment.

Our herbal combinations are very mild, gentle and safe for the skin, but bring you the full benefits of plants’ goodness.

Who should have a skin nutrition treatment?

Everyone will benefit from a skin nutrition session because the treatments serve many purposes:
lack of vitamins and nourishment
clogged and tired skin
dry and dull complexion

The variety of plant active minerals, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants will serve to nourish, detox and brighten the skin.

How are your treatments tested?

All of our treatments are tested on people - not animals, beginning with ourselves!

Why use natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients do not load your skin with toxins. They help to naturally drain toxic and harmful elements out of the system, reinvigorate and promote movement and circulation.
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