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Fresh Gourmet Skincare

What can be better for your body - and the environment, than skin care products and treatments that use the natural riches of the earth? Unlike traditional beauty care products, Delicious! focuses on the benefits of skin nutrition, and so there is no need in our treatments or products for any potentially harmful chemicals. If it sounds edible and tasty - it's probably suitable for Delicious!
Delicious! takes a uniquely Russian approach to beauty, health and wellness by incorporating seasonally fresh and all natural ingredients sourced from field and forest, including the traditional "Adaptogen" herbs long used in Siberia and the Russian Far East for their unique anti-aging and health preserving effects.

We use cold process techniques in all of our treatments and our products so that we can maximize the nutritional elements of each ingredient.
You can read more about the Russian approach to natural beauty, health and wellness in the March 2011 edition of SpaChina magazine (pages 92-99).

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