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Olya Eastman

With a lifelong fascination for creating health and beauty treatments for herself, her family and her friends, Olya is now ready to share some of her unique beauty secrets with you!
Olya has had one foot in the East and one in the West ever since she was born and grew up in Vladivostok – capital of the Russian Far East, located adjacent to China, Korea and Japan.

Passionate about wellness and holistic ways of living, she has been the primary test subject for her own researches into creating beauty and skin elixirs that are effective and healthy.

She has experimented for more than a decade on herself with a broad range of natural ingredients and continues to develop her own formulations using fresh and tasty plant oils, herbs, nuts, spices, fruits, berries, and other botanicals.

She is passionate about combining the depths of Russian herbal wellness traditions with the rich pharmacopeia of China to create truly unique beauty treatments that are nutritious and healthy for the body and soothing for the soul.

Her aspiration is to continue gathering natural ingredients from around the world that nourish, protect and heal your skin.


Contact Olya ( if you have any questions.
[You can read more about Olya's Russian approach to natural beauty, health and wellness in the March 2011 edition of SpaChina magazine (pages 92-99).]
Profile of Olya Eastman

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