Skin Nutrition and Wellness Consulting

Olya is passionate about sharing her approach to wellness and nutrition that leads to better health and healthier skin.

Her philosophy offers natural solutions that combine natural ingredients and techniques with the goal of cultivating and preserving energy - so that her customers radiate beauty from within.

We are now pleased to offer consulting services in the following areas:
  1. Seasonal Skincare & Nutrition
  2. Detox Skincare & Nutrition
  3. Anti-aging Skincare & Nutrition
  4. Postpartum Skincare & Nutrition
  5. Teens Skincare & Nutrition

Together we will analyze your skincare and nutrition routine as well as your habits and develop a personalized plan for solving problems issues you may have with your skin.

The plan consists of an initial consultation and analysis, preparation of a skincare and skin nutrition plan appropriate for your needs and the season, followed up by monthly review consultations and a summary of the results at the end of the third month.


Contact Olya ( if you have any questions.
Profile of Olya Eastman
[You can read more about Olya's Russian approach to natural beauty, health and wellness in the March 2011 edition of SpaChina magazine (pages 92-99).]

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