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Fruits & Vegetables

if it is sweet and tasty - it can also be used for skin nutrition.

Avocado - Persea americana
High in vitamins A, C, E, potassium and essential fatty acids (Omega 3), avocado is a natural skin emollient. It prevents dryness and aging, nourishing and softening skin.

Buckwheat - Fagopyrum荞麦 (qiáo mài)
The triangular heart-shaped light brown buckwheat kernels come from a plant with long stalks with pink or white flowers. Its latin name fagopyrum means “beech-like nut”, as the kernels of buckwheat look like beech tree nuts, but the buckwheat kernels are actually fruits. The plant’s blossoming flowers’ aroma attracts many insects, particularly bees, which make it one of the most therapeutic and valuable types of honey - “buckwheat honey.”

Carrot - Daucus carota
Source of vitamins and Beta-Carotene, natural antioxidant and skin brightener

Cherry - Prunus cerasus – 樱桃
High in betacarotene, vitamin E and anti-oxidants, cherries are keep skin young, toned and healthy. The dark pigment helps to brighten and polish complexion.

Coconut milk
Rich in natural proteins, Vitamins A, C, calcium and iron, moisturizes, cleans and smoothes skin

Cucumber - Cucumis sativus
Cool and astringent, keeps skin toned and tight, reduces pores and brightens complexion

Grapefruit - Citrus × paradisi
High in vitamin C, citric Acid, essential oils, softens, tones and brightens skin

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent, grapeseed extract is a potent antioxidant eliminating toxins and free radicals from the body. It enhances immune system and has toning, firming effect on skin. Very beneficial in anti-stretch mark and anti-cellulite products.

Green Apple - Malus domestica × M. sylvestris
A wonderful source of vitamin A, C and Iron, excellent anti-bacterial and anti-acne fighter

Hawthorn - Crataegus monogyna
Healing and soothing, strong natural anti-oxidant, nourishes, brightens and tones skin, promotes blood circulation

Lemon - Citrus limon
High doses of Vitamin C for anti-aging, Brightens, detoxes and boosts Blood Circulation

Lime - Citrus aurantifolia
Antiseptic and Antiviral, clears and detoxifies congested skin, brightens complexion, energizes and refreshes mind

Longan - Dimocarpus longan
Antioxidant longan has anti-aging properties as it prevents formation of age spots and helps regeneration of skin cells, collagen and elastin.

Mango - Magnifier indica
Packed with vitamin C, carotenoids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, mango is a real food for skin - nourishing, softening, moisturizing and wrinkle- smoothing!

Mangosteen - Garcinia mangostana – 山竹果 (shānzhúguǒ)
Full of high powered antioxidants xanthones, mangosteen is a real super food for skin with detoxing, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and rejuvenating properties.

Orange - Citrus sinensis
Anti-aging fruit full of aHA (Alpha hydroxy acids), essential for healthy and glowing skin, boost of vitamins A, B, C

Papaya - Carica papaya
Enzyme papain cleanses and exfoliates skin, while papaya flesh and juice are great for complexion, lightening skin, removing spots and bringing healthy glow

Pomegranate - Punica granatum石榴 (shí liu)
Powerful antioxidant pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties for skin. The kernels are full of vitamins, necessary for body and skin’ strong immunity.

Pumpkin - Cucurbita
Loaded with beta-carotene, zinc, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins A and C, pumpkin infuses skin with enzymes, evens complexion and reduces fine lines

Red Date (Jujube) 红枣 (hóng zǎo) - Ziziphus zizyphus
Real vitamin pill, rich in vitamins C, A, B, natural tonic for beauty and youth

Red Grapes - Vitis vinifera
Excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins B, C and potassium, red grapes protect skin from free radical damage and prevent aging. Great for mature skin.

Rice powder
High content of vitamins B and E, anti-aging and anti-oxidant

Soy - Glycine Max
Natural anti-aging and antioxidant ingredient. High in vitamin E and B, enhances production of collagen, strengthens cells, prevents skin pigmentation.

Tamarind - Tamarindus Indica
Tamarind has a concentration of amino acids, vitamins A and C, essential oils and proteins in seeds with moisturizing, whitening and regenerating effect on skin. Tamarind pulp is full of AHA fruit acids helpful for oily and hyper-pigmented skin, balancing, polishing and illuminating skin tone.

Tomato - Solanum lycopersicum
High in lycopene, a natural antioxidant, tomatoes protect skin from UV damage and prevent hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C in tomatoes helps to brighten and whiten skin, while natural acidity balance oily skin.

Tremella (Silver Ear) - Tremella fuciformis - 银耳 (yín ěr)
Light and transparent, the extract has high capacity for moisture retention, it is similar natural version of Hyaluronic Acid. It keeps skin young and supple, hydrating and toning it.

Watermelon - Citrullus lanatas
High in vitamin C and Beta-carotene, watermelon is detoxifying, hydrating and toning

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