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Alpha-lipoic Acid
As an antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid neutralizes free radicals which can damage cells. It has detoxing, anti-aging effect on skin.

Bamboo - Bambuseae
Full of valuable enzymes and vitamin C, bamboo has a tonic quality, strengthening, cleansing and purifying skin

Bee Pollen
High in vitamins and amino-acids, bee pollen is an anti-aging ingredient. Promotes skin’s elasticity, Healthy and glowing slin tone, skin overall immunity to bacteria, toxins.

Bee Propolis - Propolis
Powerful antiseptic with immune boosting properties, essential for healthy skin and hair

Brown Sugar
Natural and skin-nourishing exfoliant raw sugar gently cleanse skin, open clogged pores, smoothes skin surface and restores skin moisture balance.

Camphor 樟脑 (zhāngnǎo)
Camphor has been used as medicine and fragrance in rituals and religious ceremonies of South East Asian countries and India, due to its cleansing and calming aroma, enhancing meditative mood.

Highly concentrated with protein, vitamin, minerals and amino acids, caviar enhances collagen production, plumps ups skin and increases its firmness and tone.

Cedar Resin

Elixir of minerals, enzymes and vitamins, natural anti-wrinkle substance, treating skin’s eruptions, irritations. Truly feeds, cleanses and invigorates skin.

Marine Kelp 海藻 (hǎi zǎo) - Laminaria digitata
Kelp is packed with valuable micro elements, vitamins and minerals for health and beauty - high source of organic iodine, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, D, E and B and others. Rich source of minerals, vitamins and organic iodine, kelp is a superfood for skin. It nourishes skin and promotes elasticity, softness and suppleness

Skin Nourisher, combines minerals and vitamins to naturally cleanse and whiten, even complexion.

Oatmeal - Avena sativa
Rich in Vitamin E, minerals and Protein, soothes and heals skin conditions and irritations

Pine Bee Pollen
Full of minerals, vitamins and with over 20 amino-acids, pine bee pollen is a superfood for body and skin. It acts as adaptogen, enhancing immunity and regenerating cells. It tones, soothes and smoothes skin.

Q10 Coenzyme
Naturally occurring substance delivering nutrients to cells, Q10 is also a strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent, enhancing levels of collagen and elasticity of skin.

Sandalwood - Santalum album
Ancient Ayurvedic remedy known to cleanse, condition, smooth and protect skin from sun damage, making skin smooth and glowing. Cleanses, tones and conditions skin. Ideal for acne-prone or oily skin as has antiseptic properties.

Sea algae
Silk protein consisting of several precious amino-acids. Promotes promoting skin moisture and elasticity and prevents excessive formation of melanin.

Silk Peptides
Super-food for skin and health with high content of fatty acids, Vitamin b, both detoxifies and nourishes skin.

Tremella (Silver Ear) - Tremella fuciformis - 银耳 白木耳 (yín ěr or bái mù ěr)
Light and transparent, the extract has high capacity for moisture retention, it is similar natural version of Hyaluronic Acid. It keeps skin young and supple, hydrating and toning it.

Natural exfoliator, Softening and whitening, healing skin irritations.

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