We use only the World’s Finest Natural Ingredients

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All of the ingredients we use in our treatments and in our products are all-natural. Each Delicious! treatment consists of up to 25 active ingredients - that are fresh, all-natural, and where possible certified organic.

We go back to the roots of beauty and good health by using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. We don’t offer you “canned beauty,” full of artificial preservatives and that has been sitting around on a shelf for months. Rather we custom blend daily – by hand, all of our own formulations.

We focus on sourcing the freshest, purest and where possible certified organic ingredients from the finest suppliers. Many of our ingredients are sourced market fresh the same day and we put the same care into selecting our ingredients as you would in selecting food for your table.

A key element in our treatments and products is the use of traditional Siberian and Russian Far Eastern “Adaptogen” herbs that feature unique natural anti-aging and wellness properties.
Fresh Natural Ingredients for Healthy Skin | Delicious! Skin Shanghai
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