Shea Nut Oil is food for your skin

Shea Nut Oil

Butyrospermum parkii
乳油木果油 (rǔyóu mùguǒ yóu)

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Macro view of a Shea fruit and nut
African Shea tree
Shea fruit on the tree
Shea tree in the wild
Shea fruits hanging from the tree
Shea fruit removing the skins
Drying Shea nuts in the open air in the village
Shea nuts dried and ready to be shelled
Carrying shea nuts the traditional way
Partially shelled Shea nuts
Pounding Shea nuts by hand
Shea butter and Shea nut
Rich yellow Shea butter
Rich white Shea butter
Shea butter on a plate
Natural Shea Nut Oil | Delicious! Gourmet Skincare China
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