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Detoxing and Purifying

Our seasonal sessions are luxurious 18 step beauty rituals each using more than 20 natural ingredients and include an aromatherapy steam towel, freshly made natural exfoliation scrub, herbal infusion wash, plant oil and fruit essence facial massage, precious crystal massage, toning herbal eye compress, and are topped off with a freshly made luxurious mask and application of a nourishing balm.

A fresh indulgent experience like no other!

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Don't forget to choose some of our Delightful Add-ons to complement your Delicious! treatment. Your eyes, neck and hands also can benefit from a vitamin boost!

All Spring sessions feature an anti-aging face massage with cool and soothing turquoise applied with a hedonistic blend of cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon infused pine nut oil.

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