What is Delicious! and what is Beauty?

Begin your exploration of Delicious with an introduction from Olya to what the brand and treatment philosophy is all about.

Credits: Mike Calla, Producer, Box Outside Media Shanghai

Sixchannel Interview

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Youtube: http://youtu.be/YRzRVpryvKU

2011-11 Delicious! Interview on Sixchannel

Olya is interviewed by Kaka from Sixchannel.com - an online lifestyle video channel from Shanghai - where she introduces the philosophy and some of the ingredients used in her Autumn menu.

Brief summary (translated):

In this video, Sixchannel – a website focusing on fashion lifestyle in China – interviews Olya Eastman, the founder of Delicious!, and Olya introduces  one of our Autumn seasonal treatments: "Anti-Oxidant Burst." This treatment features Pomegranate & Red Grapes with Flaxseeds & Organic Pumpkinseed Oil, and is a detoxifying and purifying treatment.

Olya demonstrates fresh natural ingredients that are the specialty of Delicious!

Fresh gourmet food for your skin -- more than a spa treatment!
Watch what's new and Delicious! from Shanghai China
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