Anti-Aging Skin Care Workshop

Everyone is in search of the elixir to preserve youth.

Our Anti-Aging workshop is created to introduce ‘super-foods’ for the skin – potent natural ingredients, rich in anti-oxidants, collagen, amino acids, essential fatty acids to keep skin young, supple and as wrinkle-free as possible!
You will benefit from an stimulating and interactive workshop that will:
  • Introduce Skin Aging factors - main factors, foods & culprits
  • Explore Anti-aging nutrition - including vitamins, herbs & nutrients for anti-aging
  • Introduce ‘Superfoods’ for your skin - used in our anti-aging treatments & products
  • Discuss Skin Detox - what it entails and where to start
  • Discuss the effects of Sunshine - and natural sunblock agents
  • Demonstrate the main elements of a sample Anti-Aging Skin Nutrition session
  • Discuss the importance of Energy cultivation and preservation as well as stress management - for anti-aging
In addition:
  • You will receive free skincare samples, easy to try DIY recipes, and the opportunity to pre-order fresh gourmet skincare products of your choice at a special price!
Natural Anti-Aging Workshop
Contact us if you would like to organize a workshop for your company, club or community group.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Workshop | Delicious! Skin Shanghai
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