Just for Men Skin Care Workshop

Men long too for youthful vitality, energy and health and appreciate natural approaches to wellness that may include healthy skin care.

Traditional skin care treatments may not appeal to them.

Our Just For Men workshop caters to your special skin care needs as a man exploring ingredients, treatments and techniques with a particularly masculine appeal.
You will benefit from an stimulating and interactive workshop that will:
  • Explain Why men should care about their skin – and begin early
  • Explore Urban Detox Solutions – for general wellness and for the skin
  • Introduce Simple Steps – for a naturally healthy skincare regime
  • Introduce Natural Ingredients most appropriate for men – for their fragrance, sensation, and their effect
  • Discuss the impact of Weather and the Seasons on your skin - and measures you can take to mitigate them
  • Introduce ‘Superfoods’ for the skin – and their benefits
  • Discuss Anti-Aging Solutions for men
In addition:
  • You will receive free skincare samples, easy to try DIY recipes, and the opportunity to pre-order fresh gourmet skincare products of your choice at a special price!
Just for Men Workshop
Contact us if you would like to organize a workshop for your company, club or community group.

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Fresh Gourmet Skincare products.
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Just for Men Skincare Workshop | Delicious! Skin Shanghai
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