Mother and Baby Skin Care Workshop

New and expecting mothers need more then anyone natural and chemical-free care for their skin.

The demands of pregnancy and caring for a newborn baby combine stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal changes in the body that are all reflected in the skin.

Our Mother and Baby workshop is a relaxed and fun break from routine for new moms to enjoy a little time for themselves, inhale soothing aromas and find out ways to care for and nourish their skin naturally during this special period of life.
You will benefit from an stimulating and interactive workshop that will:
  • Introduce what natural ingredients are safe for pregnancy and the post-natal period to prevent such common problems as pigmentation, acne, and stretch marks
  • Learn about safe and relaxing aromatherapy practices during your pregnancy
  • Discuss practical skin care tips and techniques for your newborn
  • Present valuable tips on preserving energy, maintaining nutrition and staying fit
  • Demonstrate the ingredients and steps involved in a typical New Mom’s Skin Nutrition Treatment
  • Sample fresh and nourishing balms, butters and oils ideal for healthy, clear and glowing skin
In addition:
  • You will receive free skincare samples, easy to try DIY recipes, and the opportunity to pre-order fresh gourmet skincare products of your choice at a special price!
Mother and Baby Workshops
Contact us if you would like to organize a workshop for your company, club or community group.

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Mother Baby Skin Care Workshop | Delicious! Skin Shanghai
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