Teens and Tweens Skin Care Workshop

Young people between 12 to 18 years old grow rapidly and experience considerable physical changes that affect both their bodies and minds.

Teenage skin reflects this growth spurt by producing skin problems that include acne, excessive oiliness, blackheads, large pores, blemishes, etc.

Our interactive Teens & Tweens workshop is designed to help you deal with the changes you are experiencing, and to develop healthy skincare habits from an early age, as well as introduce several natural solutions you may implement at home for more healthy skin.
You will enjoy a fun-filled, informal, interactive workshop that will:
  • Provide the basics about teenage skin: why is my skin acting like this?
  • Introduce Skin care basics - to develop a daily healthy skin regime
  • Introduce the principle of skin Nutrition - fundamental key to healthy skin
  • Discuss Skin care products - what is what?
  • Give an overview of your Seasonal skin care needs - needs changing with the seasons
  • Provide easy Natural solutions - DIY tips to help refresh your skin!
In addition:
  • You will receive free skincare samples, easy to try DIY recipes, and the opportunity to pre-order fresh gourmet skincare products of your choice at a special price!
Teens and Tweens Workshop
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Teens & Tweens Skincare Workshop | Delicious! Skin Shanghai
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